About me

Hello! I'm so happy you're here. My name is Kylee, and I'm the author and recipe creator for Kylee's Kitchen. I live in Indianapolis with my husband, William, and our puppy, Dill Pickle.

I left my job as at local Indianapolis news stations FOX59 and CBS4 in August 2020 to fulfill my dream of going to culinary school. I will graduate with my culinary degree and baking and pastry degree in May 2022.

I love developing recipes, and I hope to do even more of that after graduation.

About this blog
I graduated from Indiana University, and started my first job at FOX59 working 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. in 2013. I wanted my new coworkers to like me, so I brought in cookies on my first day. I couldn’t believe how excited everyone was. I just used store-bought dough because that’s all I knew how to make.

During that stage of my life, I had an excessive amount of free time because I couldn't sleep while working the overnight shift. I needed a creative outlet, so I taught myself how to cook and bake. My coworkers served as my taste testers. I started a blog to document my journey, and somehow I convinced the former news director that my recipes were worthy of a morning show segment. And thus, Kylee’s Kitchen was born.

I was very lucky to help with the coverage of many events over the years. I worked alongside some of the most tenacious and dedicated journalists in the industry, and I’m so grateful for all of their help along the way.

Throughout the years, my passion for cooking and baking continued to grow, and I really felt a pull to pursue these passions. So on August 28, 2020, I left the news industry to follow my dream of going to culinary school. My goal is to provide my readers with even better recipes!


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  2. I made the peanut butter upside down cake it was a total trainwreck....

  3. Great site Kylee! Super excited to learn how to make these delish recipes! Thanks for sharing!

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