Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative ideas for making s'mores indoors

The Olympic summer games are in session, and it's just about all I can focus on. I've never been a competitive swimmer, but the adrenaline I experience while cheering for Team USA is exhilarating!

My favorite event has always been women's gymnastics. When I was younger, I would flip around the living room while watching the gymnasts compete. The way they twist and turn their bodies is truly mesmerizing.

This year, I invited several girls to watch the team gymnastics competition with me. We turned off our cell phones in order to avoid spoilers. I think this was the first time I haven't checked my cell phone over the course of several hours in YEARS. And I kind of loved it.

So instead of staring at our screens we socialized over a homemade indoor campfire and roasted marshmallows for s'mores. I'm not a very crafty person, but the project was extremely. It consists of just three parts: a pot, rocks, and a Sterno.

Roasting marshmallows over the flame was such a great activity, and we all definitely enjoyed ourselves. This would be a fun project for kids on a rainy day or for a party. My biggest piece of advice is to stay away from the lit flame because even though it's not easy to see, it's a real burning flame.

I know that there are some people online that are very cynical and right now they’re thinking, “Why would I make this contraption if I can just make s’mores using the microwave or the oven?”

Answer: The taste of microwaved marshmallows and oven-baked marshmallows doesn't even begin to compare to the taste of a roasted marshmallow. Also, like I said earlier, it's a great social idea!

Indoor s'mores roaster
  1. Fill a terra cot pot halfway with rocks 
  2. Place Sterno in pot so it sits straight on rocks
  3. Add more rocks to side of Sterno so it stays in place
  4. Remove lid from Sterno and use lighter to light it on fire
  5. Roast marshmallows being careful not to get too close to flame

IMPORTANT: Some people may be concerned that Sterno isn’t safe to use to roast s’mores, but according to the company, it is perfectly safe to roast food. Sterno ethanol gel burns safe and clean and is endorsed by Green Restaurant Association.

Additionally, we tried out several unique s'mores ideas for fun variations of the tasty treat!

Peanut Butter & Jelly S'mores
Spread peanut butter and jelly on two graham crackers, add marshmallow, sandwich

Reese's Peanut Butter S'mores
Spread peanut butter on one graham cracker, add marshmallow and Reese's cup, sandwich

Red, White & Blue S'mores
Spread strawberry jelly on one graham cracker, add blueberries and marshmallow, sandwich

Samoas Cookie S'mores
Add chocolate bar piece and marshmallow to graham cracker, drizzle caramel, sprinkle shredded coconut, sandwich

Idea for homemade s'mores machine from One Good Thing by Jillee

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